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1) Largest herd of Murrah animal's descendents from imported semen:

Santa Isabel Farm owns the largest registered Murrah herd from cows rising from the semen imported by EMBRAPA (MEMO's and MEMOAR's young) in the early 90's.
That herd was initiated by two births, products from AI performed on the farm. Later also through the acquisition of 19 females from EMBRAPA bought in an auction. From those nineteen, five already gave birth to five females, and increasing the "refresher" genetic herd up to 26 animals.
Our intention is to keep this particular herd under a larger control, so we can help to reduce the blood relation in the Brazilian cattle, distributing their products to the buffalo breeders all over the country.
Among the cows that are in the farm, some get to be daughters of MEMO and granddaughters of MEMOAR or vice versa. That means of imported refresher genetic. We intend to maintain the highest level of refreshing in the products from those cattle.

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Descendents from imported semen

2) Blood Relation:

Today, Brazilian herd has a high level of blood relation, because the last the last importation was realized in the 70's, by the breeder Torres Homem, that today no longer dedicates himself to the buffaloes. Besides that, the breeders didn't work to keep well defined the different lineage brought from India, which ended deeply committing the results we could be getting today.

3) Sanitary barriers in India

After the importation realized by Torres Homem, there was an increasing in the sanitary demands presented by the countries that imported Brazilian meat. Due to that, our country has been forced to raise sanitary barriers related to animals came from India, to preserve the Brazilian cattle from the many diseases that can be found in that country.

Embrapa, that always dedicated special attention to the buffalo, facing the happening problem of blood relation in Brazil, searched for semen to improve that quality. Embrapa bring the Mediterranean breed in Italy and, with the impossibility of importing from India, found on Bulgaria the reproducers MEMO and MEMOAR, two of the best examples in terms of quality and productivity available in the world.
That work had the intention of refreshing the Brazilian genetic was realized for a long time and passed on to breeders through auctions open to the local producers.

4) The Bulgarian's quality herd was destroyed:

With the end of the Berlin's wall and the Russian Empire, Bulgaria started to live a very difficult economical situation, their research centers were closed and the herd was slaughtered for meat consumption.

That deprived us from an excellent supplier of quality genetic material without the limits of the sanitary barriers.
That loss was really big for us, because we don't have anywhere else to supply us with the quality of the Murrah animals.

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