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     The Technical Deliberation Council  (CDT) of the Brazilian Water Buffalo Association  (ABCB) decides to consider the animal X Buffalo of Santa Isabel's Farm, propriety of  Mr.. Eduardo Daher Santos, a top animal in development among  the animals of  Murrah breed  in Brazil.


       The present deliberation is based in the fact that this animal presented the weight of 550Kg at 479 days old. This mark   is superior to 518 Kg that is the maximum weigth obtained in a gain of weight competition achieved in Brazil, adjusted to its age and breed.

        The present calculation is based in the results presented in the research work: Some results on performance tests in Water Buffaloes in Brazil - 5 Word Buffalo Congress - Royal Palace -Caserta - Italy, 1997 pg,399 a 403

So Paulo, August 21- 2.001

Joo Carlos Aguiar de Mattos
Presidente of CDT of ABCB