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Belém - April, 24 - 2.001

               I declare as APCB's  technical superintendent of  family tree register, with credentials in ABCB - BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF WATER BUFFALO BREEDERS in the states of Pará and Amapá, that I made periodical  weights in the animal registred in this Association under de number 7047 RP, with the name X-BÚFALO OF SI, from Mr. Eduardo Daher Santos' farm, in the city of  Mojú, state of  Pará.
               This animal, is presenting index of gain in weight extremely superior to the others animals that we are attendencing. We can affirm that it's a regional record.
                I made the weights on:15/08/2.000 when it reached 323kg,  15/11/2.000 the weight was   403 kg, and  15/04/2.001 with the weight of  550kg. The others weights were given monthly by the breeder.
               When I weighted the animal at 15/11/2.000, it was sent an official letter to APCB to register the fact.

José Carlos Teixeira
Veterinary Medicine CRMV N.° 0521 PA/AP